Behind the Lines was commissioned after the animation had gone into production, meaning that several scenes had to be restaged for the camera. Notable amongst these are the sequences shot at Cambridge University, which was as far as our budget would stretch in terms of location shooting. The original research at the Paul Klee Foundation in Berne was restaged in the Glasgow School of Art library - a lot cheaper to film than the original Swiss location...

the documentary was produced by Pelicula Films in Glasgow.

produced and directed by - Mike Alexander
photography - Michael Coulter
editing - Bert Eeles

The film was commissioned by a fledgling Channel Four before the station even started broadcasting, euphoric and innocent times for the independent film and tv production community which was at last able to gain access to finance for a new wave of programme making. TALFAW and its accompanying documentary Behind The Lines were first screened at prime time, going out at 8pm on a Thursday evening, an eyebrow-raising bit of scheduling even for those days.




the final scene - I had got used to the camera, just...