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Ra the path of the Sun God is an exploration of ancient Egyptian creation myths, using the design conventions of the period.

when Ra was commissioned by Channel 4 in 1984, it was to be a half-hour special. by the time the storyboard was completed over a year later, it was very clear that there was no way the material could fit into such a tight time slot and the project was extended to 72 mins, split into three IBA half hours. the structure of the film was designed to accommodate being split into three sections - part 1 Dawn, told of the creation of the cosmos, culminating in the foundation of the land of Egypt. part 2 Noon, dealt with the birth, sacred induction and death of the Pharoah and part 3 Night, showed the path of the dead king through the underworld on his way to joining the gods in the afterlife.

there is a vast amount of material surrounding this film, which deserves a dedicated website to do it justice. the material here is designed to provide some context until such times as the fuller version becomes available.

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