01 06 11
<poppy enters from right and stops in front of hatstand.../> <poppy stops and looks up, resigned
[hat giggles].../>
<suddenly she is on a clifftop overlooking the seaside.../>
02 07 12
<she reaches up to get her hat but it is just out of reach.../>

<hat bounces along in sync with poppy just above her.../>

<poppy kneels down to look at the sea below. It's windy.../>
03 08 13
<as poppy turns to leave, hat jumps off stand and follows../> <finally the two are united as the hat settles down.../> <the wind lifts poppy up. She uses hat as a parachute.../>
09 14
<it is a brilliant sunny day [sun looks like a hat.../> <hat grows larger and slips under to catch poppy.../>
<it bobs along above poppy who tries to grab a hold of it.../>
10 15
<poppy walks and daydreams about a trip to the coast.../> <the hat becomes a boat...[the story continues...].../>
<hat wants to play games and stays out of reach.../>