13 18 23
<pletulka gives the snowman a piece of her scarf.../>
<pletulka pulls off enough for a cosy hammock.../> <a group of boys is out playing in the snow.../>
14 19 24
<snowman smiles and comments on how pretty it is.../>

<the birds in the tree are also chattering with the cold.../>

<they hide behind a bush, planning an ambush.../>
15 20 25
<the pair set off on a mission to share the scarf with others.../> <pletulka makes them all woolly nest warmers.../> <out of nowhere a snowball hits the snowman's hat.../>
21 26
<there is still lots of scarf left so they continue on their.../> <he uses his broomstick to field the attack.../>
<at a clump of bare trees they find a kitten shivering.../>
22 27
<...journey through the snowy landscape.../>

<the boys get covered in snow [story continues]../>

<and blue with cold. It snuggles up in the scarf for warmth.../>