<in a land where the seasons never change and the snow never melts, in a time which is not quite now there lived a little girl called Pletulka. Pletulka's grandmother likes nothing better than knitting her endless scarves and that's where the story begins...
This project was a natural continuation of the ideas first explored in Ondra and the Snowdragon. The name Pletulka doesn't actually exist but it has close semantic links with the Czech words for knitting, cosiness and wandering, which entirely defies translation.../>

<in 1979-80 I was working as a freelance animator. There was precious little commercial work around in Scotland at the time, so I thought I'd try my hand at illustration. Just when Pletulka seemed on the verge of being accepted for publication by Macmillan's Children's Books my editor left and the project was shelved.../>
<before putting everything away in the bottom drawer, I made a rough storyboard in case the project could be revived later as an animated film.../>