<as well as a documentary there was also a booklet, written by Jan Culik, to accompany the animation, exploring the influence of the Orphic myth on artists and thinkers over the ages. here is a brief extract from the Renaissance chapter.../>

<Orpheus enters the Underworld through the image of an eye, derived from a certain type of Greek drinking bowl, or kylix. when the cup is raised to drink it takes on the appearance of a mask. the use of the eye as a gateway suggests that Orpheus's journey may be seen as metaphorical, an internal quest for the anima, or female aspect of the psyche.../>

"Orpheus was an essential link between Moses, the ancient Greek philosopher Plato and Christianity. Orpheus was also regarded as a founder of a mystery religion: in fact he was believed to have been the origin of all ancient Greek esoteric religions. It was from him, it was argued, that Plato and the ancient Pythagoreans learned that number was the underlying principle of the structure of the material world...

...the great poets like Orpheus were imbued with a special kind of poetic, religious, prophetic and erotic madness, which made them abandon ordinary speech and caused them to break into poetry and singing in a state of exaltation and rapture. This state of rapture revealed superior knowledge of human and divine things to the poets so that a great poet like Orpheus was at the same time a theologian with access to secrets hidden from normal mortals."