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<creation myths and cosmology were major influences in my film work in the '80s. I did a lot of research at the time into a wide range of world mythologies as well as the works of Carl Jung and others such as Josef Campbell. I was searching for a way to make dynamic structures with moving images without using traditional narrative methods. Streams of consciousness, associative linking of elements with archetypal as well as personal meaning and the use of symbols as a means of communicating on a non-rational level seemed to offer great potential. It was to explore such ideas that I was initially drawn to animation, which appeared to be the best means open to me for experimenting with these ideas at the time. Modern society may not have the same sense of the numinous as ancient civilisations, but it does rely on symbols, especially now in the icon-driven so-called information age. So much of the imagery people are exposed to now is digitally manipulated that reality as we have been used to understanding it, the act of seeing and believing, is rapidly ceasing to have any validity. And so we come full circle, to be absorbed into a communal dream experience.../>