<...mother of invention was the last personal animation project I worked on. It only got as far as the storyboard stage. The project was submitted to C4, politely declined and never returned. Regrettably I didn't make a copy of the presentation master so the only full version of the storyboard has been lost. The original script also no longer exists but happily, a rough assembly animatic with some movement tests and a handful of the original images have survived.../>

<MoI was a highly ambitious project, both in technique and subject matter. The production methodology was centred on computer graphics, which was now becoming a subtle and delicate enough medium to be able to handle such subtle emotion issues as love, misunderstanding, separation and loss.

One of the central themes of the film was the comparison of the creative process with giving birth. There is a school of thought that believes gestation and childbirth is the female equivalent of male creativity. Having experienced both, this is not a philosophy I could subscribe to personally .

There were several generations of experience of motherhood woven into the structure. The film was also intended as a reconciliation of the recent death of my own mother.../>