my film, my film, my film 1983 2 mins 54 seconds 35mm
< mf3 was conceived as the ultimate 'festival film', a means whereby its three creators could get a festival invitation so that they could meet up again and that basically summarises the whole storyline...mf3 is a collaborative animated festival film about the making of a collaborative animated festival film.../>
<I first met my fellow animators, Candy Kugel and Lisze Bechtold, at the Ottawa animation festival in 82. Over coffee one of us [no-one now can be quite sure which one it was] came up with the idea of making a film together, which was going to be a challenge since I live in Scotland, Candy in New York and Lisze in Los Angeles.../>
<the beauty of the plan was that it actually worked, at least for two of us. The film was accepted into competition and I met up with Candy again at Annecy in 1983.../>
<I was still finishing talking a line for a walk at the time mf3 was being made, which is the reason for the simplicity of my contribution. Ironically it was mf3 and not talfaw that made it to the festival.../>