<the non-special effects animation was created using colour lines on a black background, using the same techniques as taking a line for a walk and burrellesque. this method is ideal for transformation sequences, where the characters are in a constant state of flux. extra visual interest can be created by varying the colour of the lines, a fairly subliminal technique which can only be fully appreciated on still frames.../>
<the mating sequence between the Titans Kronos and Rhea illustrates their origins. Kronus is the son of Heaven and as such is a sky god. Rhea, who is his sister, is the daughter of Earth. in this sequence, two representations of time coexist: the female which is cyclical and the more linear male represented by the pendulum swing. this is also a visual reference to the meaning of the name Kronus or Time. these two forms of time only intersect at the point of conception.../>
<the downfall of Dionysus was caused by his fascination with his own image. this mirror sequence initiates a self-referential loop showing the god regressing in time and reliving his past forms. the animation was created once and re-exposed flipped over, with a soft filter improvised out of several layers of pop-sox over the lens.../>
zeus takes the form of snake to mate with demeter...
zeus passing into the form of Phanes
<the techniques created for invocation were effectively a rehearsal for those which would be perfected in Ra. this was especially tricky since we were shooting on 16mm film which is far less stable than 35mm. the multiple passes through the camera needed for the special effects sequences were always a cause for concern. in the end the only negative lab report we got was on the Dionysus mirror sequence which was 'out of focus on the left hand side of frame.../>
...as well as their daughter persephone, whose four eyes are a throwback to phanes