<the twin snakes: Time and Necessity with whom the Creation myth began.../>
<a fair amount of the action in invocation is totally symmetrical, in this instance to illustrate the idea that Time and Necessity were two aspects of the same entity. this meant that the animation only needed to be drawn and processed once, then flipped over to create its mirror image. the artwork is made of black paper with holes drilled in it which is backlit when it's being shot. the image can be tinted either by a gel on the lighted panel beneath the artwork or through a coloured filter at the lens. the diffusion was created using a diffusion filter fixed under the lens.../>
<snakes were a common form for messengers from the Heavens or the Netherworld in early cultures.../>
<the silvery egg they laid in the bright shining air.../>
< there is no better technique than painting with light to create an impression of otherwordliness and intangibility. this image was built up from two layers, the egg [turquoise] and the snake [green] that surrounds it. the path that the snake was to follow was matted out during the exposure of the egg. the film is rewound and the second exposure is made. this has to be done carefully in order not to degrade the black background with overspill of light. this sequence was originally shot on 16mm film which made it much harder to edit out any mistakes.../>
<it was impossible to predict how images built up from multiple exposures would turn out.../>