<just as some writers allegedly know the colour of their characters pyjamas even if they never go to bed during the novel, I made detailed studies of the deities in invocation. Despite or perhaps because of the time constraints I had to work within, I felt it was critical to have a firm grasp on the symbolic significance of the essential elements.../>
<two elements in the structure were personally more important to me: the concept of invoking the past and using it to recreate the future and exploring the duality of profane and sacred time.../>
original notes (in blue)
in Hesiod's theogony, chaos is a 'gap' which comes into being..it is not 'chaotic' in the modern sense of the word but more 'entropic' an 'even, indifferent distribution of energy' therefore to create (or have in creation) either process or object, means to emerge from chaos, which is nothing but a certain untapped potential.
<modern man tends to think of the passage of time being a linear progression from past to future in one direction but the ancients had other mental models. The idea of time being circular reflects the turning and returning of the seasons and the cycles of the sun and the moon. But there was also the idea of time swinging like a great pendulum, creating variable speeds at different points on its curve.
The concept underlying many creation myths is the desire to connect with the infinite time of the gods, before entropy and decay brought death to mankind.../>
"the distinction made in Pythagorean/Orphic thought between the principle behind the cosmos and the causes obtaining within it: number, the cosmic 'law', is seen as the interface between...infinite and finite"..for number read interval=space/time in tension to create events.
<essential reading for insights into the ancient religions is The Golden Bough, A Study in Magic and Religion by JD Frazer. Frazer draws strong comparisons between Dionysus and Osiris, both gods of vegetation, 'dying' gods who are torn apart and whose restoration is associated both with the fertility of the land and man's spiritual ascension.../>