<in 1992 S4C called for proposals for animated films to be set to classical music. I chose three pieces from Saint-Saen's Carnival of the Animals as the starting point for my submission. Like mother of invention, all three film concepts were highly experimental, designed to be made using a combination of digitally manipulated found objects with computer generated animation. Alas in common with MOI, the films were not commissioned.../>

fossils: 1' 20"
aquarium: 2' 5"
empress of the pagodas:
3' 45"
<the scene: from the shadowy depths of an underwater world a shoal of tiny exotic fishes emerges, flitting in and out of the shafts of light which penetrate the darkness. Through the rippling distortions of the water, what at first seem to be rocks resolve into house-like shapes. The patches of light and dark are reminiscent of gas street lamps, emitting a ghostly glow and creating pools of deeper shades. The houses have windows with shutters. From these windows appear strange fishes, their patterns and shapes suggesting the clothes of turn-of-the-century Paris.../>
<the scene: high up in the mountains of China in a landscape nestling in the clouds, a pagoda in the style of the willow pattern porcelain can just be discenrned through the mists.../>
<the scene: it is a clear moonlit night by the seashore. On the beach among the pebbles and seaweed is scattered an assortment of flotsam and jetsam, a jumble of abandoned seaside trivia and fragments of objects swept ashore by the tide; a curious collection ranging from a discarded rubber glove to shards of broken pottery from a distant long-forgotten picnic. Bits of gnarled wood worn smooth by the action of the waves, lie side by side with uninhabited crab shells and strangely-shaped rocks...>/