<the quadruped was one of my favourite characters, immense fun to draw and a real challenge to animate.../>

<a major subtext of the film is the framing of the pictures of the park in centre screen surrrounded by a black black border. On a purely practical level this was to ensure the animation read well against the naturalistic background. On a creative level, the framing also allowed for a whole range visual puns and associations including pictures hanging in art galleries, photos in albums, even the projection of the film itself in a darkened cinema. Sometimes the characters emerge from the landscape and break free into the surrounding space. Other times as here, they ride across the whole screen, breaking the illusion of looking through a window into another world.../>
<the larger version was too big to backpaint by conventional means so the infill had to be created using cut paper.../>

two horsed chariot and drivers
Greek Mycenaean 1250 BC

<quadruped was animated progressively rather than being inbetweened, which creates a more energetic, loose style of movement.../>