<all these characters were derived from ceramic objects.../>
<the movement for the yellow chinaman this was easily deduced from the original piece.../>

figure of an acrobat
Chinese Tang Dynasty 8th century AD

<I made no attempt to simulate the material from which the character's objects were made. this was justified since they represented the spirits of the objects and I also needed the freedom to use specific techniques where I was quoting from my other films, in this instance invocation.../>
bowl Valencia 14th century tin glazed earthenware 
<I wasn't at all sure what kind of creature this decorative design was meant to represent. perhaps it was a mythological beast.
whatever the original intention, it's pretty sure not to have been a kangaroo.../>
<at the end of the day Gaia, the earth mother guardian of the park, calls all the creatures that have been out playing home for the night.../>