<all these characters were derived from metal objects. Their cartoon colours were exaggerated in order to stand out from their backgrounds.../>

<the demon came from the lid of a Chinese metal jug, but his texture was derived from overglaze verte famille enamel.../>

<the shape of this mysterious two-faced object inspired a character called the bouncer, which also rotated as it jumped around.../>
horse bit cheek piece
in the form of wild sheep
Scythian 1000-600 BC
Luristan bronze
<the movement for the twins was designed to pull in opposite directions.../>
tube with two headed terminal
Scythian 8th century BC
Luristan bronze
<the objects that worked best were those with potential for bizarre types of movement, such as you might expect from a two-legged dog.../>

belt hook
Chinese Ordos region
3rd century BC, bronze