<the line drawings for the animation were made on heavy translucent paper with more of a 'tooth' or roughness than commercial animator's vellum. I got hooked on this kind of paper in Prague. It's much more expensive but the drawing experience is more satisfying and the line quality creamier.
Of course none of this subtlety survives the tracing process.../>
<next the line is traced onto sheet of cel. As in talking a line for a walk, the coloured cel paint is applied with a ruling pen. This is a tricky tool to master since it was never designed for freehand drawing, but it is tremendously rewarding to use, allowing for multiple colour changes within the flow of a single continuous line.../>
Greek goddess
Boeotian 6th century BC
<the body wash for the character is applied on the reverse of the cel. Since burrellesque is a short film with the artwork being made mainly by myself [with help from Alan Mason] it was possible to be quite expressive in the painting techniques. Some characters were really quite textural and in this instance transparent, allowing the background to shine through. This technique was intended to suggest the characters are spirits of the place.../>