<this character was simply called character...like a dog with no name..../>
<laying three cels on top of each other with their backing sheets reveals the large gaps between the phases, indicating a fast movement. the black scribbles were made with a marker during the shoot, to cover small dust and paint sparkle on the cel. polarising filters on the lights minimised cel glare.../>
<at the very end of the film, the characters return to their objects in the form of glowing coloured lines. this was achieved by burning their images into photographs of the artefacts on a second exposure. painting with light creates a very disembodied effect which is ideal for suggesting that the characters can only take on their full personalities outside the confines of the collection itself .../>
<a negative is made of the black traced line. It is then realigned with the original drawing and surrounded with black paper. This prevents any unwanted light from passing through the artwork when it is being exposed.../>
<most of the characters appear at least twice, usually the first time as pure line drawings, then subsequently with infills as they gain more substance...>/
<the texture is stylised from the verdigris on the original.../>
<the same technique was used in Ra.../>